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Slow down, reconnect with your possesions and bring in the pleasure of buying a well-made timeless design.

We are dedicated to producing everything locally and responsibly by people who love what they do, as well as commiting on high quality standars.

There is no sewing machine involved in the production of our hammocks, yarn gets delivered to our crafters homes (mostly single mothers) where they produce our pieces, not having to choose between work or caring for their children.

Looms are handmade of untreated wood sticks and have been there for generations, they carry on long tradition of multigenerational crafters along the Caribbean cost in Colombia, they have a special place in a crafters home where she/he works under a thatched roof that keeps the temperature down to work comfortably.

Hammock fringes are made in croche or macramé technique, they are produced in between convesations with family, neighbours or friends at the house patio or porch, that is right, no clock or production chief only performing a well made craft, no matter how long it takes.

Young girls learn by watching and helping on small tasks first, with the years some become skilled craters themselves, but only age and experience bring the craft to the superior level and true expertise that grandmothers aquire, they never retire as the craft keeps them alive and gives them an important position in society.

No source of energy besides the crafter own hands are used, the most traditional tecniques are kept alive while experienced artists guarantee great craftsmanship standars.

Colombian Hammocks and particulary Wayuu Chinchorros are a meaningful symbol of our indigenous heritage, they are a valuable statement that stands proud in Wayuu enramadas but also in the most affluent homes of luxury craft connoisseurs.