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Somewhere in the warm and dusty outskirts of Corozal, Colombia, some of the best macrame hammocks in the world are produced.

We traveled through many areas in our country, Colombia, and discovered beautiful little towns, where proud crafters were happy to collaborate with us and create new pieces that combined craft and design.

This area is also called “the cultural loom of the savannas of eastern Colombia”. Known for its peacefulness and easygoing personality, the inhabitants from the region enjoy a warm climate and a clean and calm seaboard which is the main pillar of their identity.

This macramé hammocks are 100% handmade and produced with a great deal of detail, in this region waving is a deeply embedded cultural point of pride.

The stunning craftmanship of the artisans that kept this art alive for generations was propably born with the Zenú or Sinú, an Amerindian tribe in Colombia, whose ancestral territory comprises the valleys of the Sinu and San Jorge rivers as well as the coast of the Caribbean around the Gulf of Morrosquillo.

It is very likely that the Zenú tecniques mixed and evolved through the centuries as many different visitors brought new ideas and stories that ended up in new products, creations and traditions. Today, different families and areas produce pieces that crafters can identify.

Every step in the macrame hammocks production is done by hand on a vertical loom, from the washing of the cotton to spinning, dyeing, and weaving. The meticulous formula goes from yarn to hammock in 3 weeks.

Attention and details is paramount – which ensures your hammock will last a lifetime.

These pieces of art are dedicated to consumers who increasingly value history, authenticity and the non-industrialized labor force, preserving the tender loving care on each piece and a meaningful emotional connection.

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