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wayuu hammock navy blue.jpg
wayuu hammock navy blue.jpg
wayuu hammock navy blue.jpg
wayuu hammock navy blue.jpg
wayuu hammock navy blue.jpg

Macondo Hammock in Navy Blue

Please your senses with the ethereal elegance of this intoxicating piece. Featuring breezy, delicate fringes and a deep shade of navy blue, the Macondo Hammock strikes a beautiful balance of strength and grace.

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Our single person, light-weight Macondo hammock in navy blue is 100% handwoven with cotton on a vertical loom by crafters from the Bolivar Department of Colombia. The women artisans hand-knit the side skirts (bottom) with elegant fringes using a crochet technique.

This piece comes in a sophisticated navy blue or an eye-catching pink. It takes three weeks to craft the Macondo hammock. Each hammock is a commitment from us to you, and also our contribution to the preservation of the economic sustainability of rural communities of Colombia. In addition, an empowerment to women who depend on decades of weaving tradition to provide for their families.

  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Body Length: 8 Feet
  • Full Length: 12 Feet
  • Width: 5 Feet
  • Skirts: 0.82 Feet
  • Weight: 6.6 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 300 - 380 Pounds

Please note: All our hammocks are handmade so all measurements are approximated, each piece is a creation of an artisan. In all handmade production small imperfections or variations are characteritics of truly one of a kind pieces.

Note about SHIPPING: estimated delivery time is 10 to 15 business days with standard shipping. If you need to get the hammock sooner please let us know and we will send your hammock with DHL (with an additional cost).

Wednesday, 22 April 2015
This hammock is absolutely what I wanted and needed. I have back problems, which cause me to have pain when I try to sleep. It was suggested to me I try a hammock in place of a bed. They advised a Hammock like the . I was familiar with these kinds of hammocks because I spent the early part of my childhood in Venezuela. I searched high and low for one and these were the ones that looked the closest to what I remembered. In fact, they were even nicer because of the lovely trim! I got to say that when I go it is fit the bill perfectly! It was exactly like how I remembered AND when I slept in it that first night it was the first time in years I slept without pain. AMAZING! Beautiful work sold by beautiful people! Great customer service!
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