We started our journey as fashion designers working in different companies for over 10 years. After gaining experience in the corporate world, we felt the need to create our own project to develop authentically handcrafted products.

Our mother is from northern Colombia, an area that straddles the border of Venezuela and Colombia, and home to the Wayuu people. As young girls, we were introduced to the Wayuu tribe, and fell in love with their diverse, rich, and colourful culture and weaving tradition.

We forged a relationship with indigenous Wayuu artisans to produce handcrafted hammocks: The partnership ensures high-quality hammocks are made with the love,care, and attention. the Wayuu people breath into their personal garments.

Next, we expanded into other regions of Colombia and sourced artisans from Sucre to make other styles of 100 percent handcrafted hammocks. Similar to the Wayuu weaving tradition, artists in Sucre value and take pride in the techniques used to produce hammocks that will last a lifetime.


Each hammock tells a story of love and passion, composed through the hands of the artists who tightly lays each strand of yarn next to the other and becomes a beautiful hammock. No defect goes unnoticed, as the crafter feels for mistakes through their heightened dexterity.

Dedication is engraved into each string of the hammock’s fabric. Further more, this contributes to the livelihood and sustainability of communities where people’s jobs are threatened by manufactured goods. Do good and feel good, lounge in one of our hammocks, and feel the positive energy, love, and passion that radiate from its fibres.


We are committed to the social and economic development of women and their families in rural towns in three regions of Northern Colombia.

Through a collaborative relationship with this wonderful women, our vision is to design, craft, and distribute the highest quality hammocks.

•Create an authentic environment that illustrates a story that embodies decades of individual weaving techniques, while providing an unforgettable buying experience.

• Empower communities by bringing opportunities to create, produce, and provide a sustainable socio-economic environment in cultures that depend on weaving handbags and hammocks to support their families.

•Preserve ancient techniques in a world of mass factory produced items by creating meaningful pieces with contemporary design that are crafted by the noble hands of women in three areas of Northern Colombia.

Wayuu Lady Hammock